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Download Vimeo Video

Vimeo is a top destination for high-quality artistic and creative videos. While YouTube gets all the attention, Vimeo has emerged as the premiere platform for professional, independent, and artistic video. Some key things that set Vimeo apart:

  • Stunning HD quality video up to 8K resolution
  • More serious professional creators prefer Vimeo
  • Short films, animations, music videos and more
  • Diverse perspectives and underrepresented voices
  • Overall more thoughtful, artistic vibe vs YouTube

From award-winning documentaries to imaginative animations, Vimeo offers an unmatched collection of creative digital media.

Here are excellent reasons to download videos from Vimeo:

  • Save cinema-quality films to watch anytime
  • Build a library of inspiring creative works
  • Retain access to videos later removed
  • Make backups of meaningful projects
  • Watch without an internet connection
  • Share interesting finds with friends easily
  • Avoid data overages on mobile devices

So how can you download and save videos from Vimeo? This is where 9Downloader comes in very handy.

9Downloader, accessible at, is a free online tool that allows fast downloading of videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and 40+ sites.

Using 9Downloader to download any Vimeo video is simple:

  1. Get share link of the Vimeo video
  2. Paste link into 9Downloader
  3. Select MP4, MP3 or other format
  4. Click “Start Download” and save file!

With 9Downloader, downloading incredible videos from Vimeo takes just seconds.

9Downloader has many advantages that make it the best choice for downloading Vimeo videos:

  • Very easy to use interface for beginners
  • Unlimited downloads with no caps
  • Blazing fast download speeds
  • No account signup required
  • 100% free forever, no paid tiers

For unlimited Vimeo video downloading, 9Downloader dominates the competition. Using 9Downloader allows downloading Vimeo videos in the highest quality possible with no limits or headaches.

Vimeo’s community of talented creators makes it a treasure trove of inspiring short films, animations, and documentaries you won’t find elsewhere. Expand your horizons by downloading visionary Vimeo videos to watch offline using 9Downloader.

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