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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a globally renowned conference featuring short, impactful talks on everything from tech and science to creativity and personal growth.

TED Talks offer thought-provoking perspectives from innovators around the world. You can easily download TED videos for offline viewing using the superb tool 9Downloader.

Some key things that make TED Talks so popular:

  • Renowned speakers and thought leaders
  • Fascinating topics and ideas
  • Insightful content perfect for learning
  • Inspiring stories and perspectives
  • Short format packed with value
  • Official TED app and website make videos very accessible

With over 3000 talks to explore on subjects that fascinate you, TED is an unparalleled online learning resource.

While you can stream TED Talks anytime on their site, downloading videos enables:

  • Watching without an internet connection
  • Viewing on planes, trains, and other places with no WiFi
  • Avoiding data overage charges on limited plans
  • Building a permanent library of favorite talks
  • Retaining access to removed talks
  • Extracting audio to listen like a podcast
  • Sharing special talks with friends easily

Downloading TED videos gives you more control over these invaluable learning resources.

So how can you save TED Talks for offline access? This is where 9Downloader, accessible at, comes in very handy.

9Downloader is a free online tool that allows fast downloading of video from TED, YouTube, Facebook and 1000+ other sites.

To download a TED Talk with 9Downloader:

  1. Get the share link for the TED video you want to save
  2. Paste that link into 9Downloader
  3. Click “Download” and select MP4, MP3, etc.
  4. Choose resolution if downloading video
  5. Click “Start Download” and save!

In just seconds you can download any TED Talk with 9Downloader – it’s incredibly fast and easy.

9Downloader has many advantages that make it the top option for downloading TED videos:

  • Very simple interface ideal for beginners
  • Unlimited use with no caps or restrictions
  • Quick server speeds for fast downloads
  • No account creation necessary
  • 100% free forever, no paid tiers

For easy and unlimited TED Talk downloading, 9Downloader is the clear winner.

TED Talks are filled with inspiring ideas from the world’s brightest minds. Expand your mind by downloading favorite videos to watch offline using the excellent 9Downloader tool.

You’ll gain unlimited access to talks on every topic for growth and learning no matter where you are. The insightful perspectives in TED videos can motivate you toward positive change even without an internet connection.

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