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Download Tumblr Videos

Tumblr has become one of the top social media platforms for sharing photos, GIFs, audio, and of course, video. With over 475 million blogs and over 200 billion posts, Tumblr offers a unique and creative space for users to express themselves and consume multimedia content.

One of the things that makes Tumblr video stand out is its focus on short-form, viral, and GIF content. You’ll find everything from funny Vines and movie scenes to impressive original animations and visual edits. The Tumblr video experience tends to be more about sharing expressions, emotions, and quick entertainment rather than longer vlogs or tutorials commonly found on YouTube.

Tumblr videos also have a more personal, indie feel compared to the polished, professional realm of Instagram. The relaxed, quirky atmosphere allows creators to share raw, unedited slices of life. Tumblr uniquely captures the weird and wonderful moments that make the internet so enjoyable.

If you come across an amazing Tumblr video that you want to save for offline viewing, what should you do? Downloading Tumblr videos is actually quite easy with the right tool. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading videos from Tumblr using 9downloader:

  1. Copy the Tumblr video URL that you want to download. You can find this by clicking the sharing icon below the video and copying the link.
  2. Go to and paste the Tumblr video URL into the search bar. Hit enter.
  3. 9downloader will instantly retrieve the Tumblr video file and display available download options. For Tumblr videos, you’ll generally see MP4 and WEBM file types available.
  4. Select the download format you prefer. MP4 will give you the highest quality Tumblr video for playback on any device or app.
  5. Click the “Download” button next to the format you selected. Your Tumblr video will begin downloading onto your device.
  6. When the Tumblr video download completes, you’ll find it saved in your device’s downloads folder and accessible offline. Enjoy!

There are a couple reasons why 9downloader is the best tool for downloading videos from Tumblr and other major platforms:

  • Speed – 9downloader retrieves Tumblr videos incredibly fast without bogging down your device. Downloads initiate in seconds.
  • Quality – 9downloader always downloads the highest available quality for any Tumblr video without loss.
  • Flexibility – 9downloader supports downloading from Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and over 100 more sites.
  • Safety – 9downloader doesn’t contain any viruses, malware, or annoying ads. It’s completely clean.
  • Ease of Use – 9downloader has an intuitive interface that’s simple enough for any user. Just copy and paste a URL to download.

By using 9downloader, you can rapidly save any Tumblr video in optimal quality. It beats alternative tools like online converters and browser extensions hands down when it comes to speed and convenience.

It’s important to respect video creators on Tumblr by only downloading Tumblr videos for personal use. Most short video clips are subject to fair use laws, allowing you to save them for your own offline viewing. However, you should avoid re-sharing or distributing downloaded Tumblr videos without permission from the creator. Be sure to support your favorite Tumblr creators by following them and interacting with their content.

Tumblr remains one of the best social platforms for discovering creative, funny, and inspiring original video content. The Tumblr video community constantly churns out new gems worth watching. With 9downloader, you can easily save any Tumblr video to enjoy when offline or share privately with friends.

Downloading Tumblr videos takes just seconds and ensures you’ll never lose access to your favorite moments. Explore the unique world of Tumblr video by saving clips that make you smile, think, relax, or gain motivation. Let 9downloader streamline building your personal Tumblr video archive.

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